Meet Our Animal Family

Our "haven" is home to five donkeys, a white mule, a very old Percheron horse, Norm (in memory our dear sweet Normy). Three dogs, Sheldon and Shpeck the pot belly piggies and Monty and George the two sweetest little goats!

All have been rescued from one trauma or another; abuse, neglect, the meat man! They are a wonderful bunch of misfits. Their peace and energy is therapeutic.


To spend time with these creatures is truly special. We have strategically located the studio in close proximity to them for all to enjoy and watch their antics. (For those of you not comfortable with dogs, we ask your preference, and will keep them up with us if you prefer.)

Come and meet Homey and his magnificent ears. Squeeky is the little mini donkey, Munchy, the black one. Tyson you will recognize by his one ear missing an end and Buddy our white mule. Cuddles thinks he is a goat and guards Monty and George, you will pass them each morning on your way to the pond (our hearts are broken over the sudden loss of our dearest little Cuddles). Sheldon and Schpecky will gladly eat your vegie leftovers and keep you company at the "circle of elements".

We receive no funding or assistance of any kind for their upkeep, they are our "family".  We are most appreciative for folks choosing to stay at the hoblet as much of this revenue helps maintain the animals. The "boys" consume over nine hundred pounds of hay per week and have farrier services for their hooves every 8 weeks along with regular deworming and vaccinations.


It is our mission to help spread awareness about donkeys, mules and all animals and continue helping however we can. Hear their stories and share their spirit. There is truly some great energy kicking around here! (There is more information in the hoblet about our other rescues as well.)

We have had a wonderful response and interest for the "boys", and many calls regarding other donkeys and mules in need. For more information, or to report an animal in need, or if you would like to donate please click here.

A heartfelt thankyou and our sincerest appreciation.        Mush and Petra & the "family"

Rescue Arrivals

Our latest mission:

Meet Pachina and the herd of 9!

Operation Horse Rescue Niagara! -

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