"Hoblet ", Features & Description


The studio, or as we like to call it, the "hoblet", is unique and inviting, nestled by the forest with five sets of glass doors overlooking the woods. The roof of the studio is a "living roof". Three large skylights stream natural light into the main room. Over the bridge is the "circle of elements", enjoy the fire, (wood is provided) relax and take in the energy. Careful consideration has been given to the placement of each boulder as it relates to the circle. We have brought together the elements of earth, water, air and fire to this special place. Be part of the "circle of elements" and find your own sense of serenity.


Our intention is to offer a surrounding of nature to enjoy your "retreat", whether it be a weekend getaway or your vacation. Being in and connected to nature is a powerful energy, it helps to find your natural rhythm and feeds the soul. Nature's Energy Centre provides a mini escape from the day to day stresses. We are 15 minute drive from the brink of Niagara Falls and all the tourist "things" yet provide an atmosphere reminiscent of "up north". Lakes with beautiful beaches are within a 20 minute drive, as is shopping, the international borders, fishing and some great secret spots.  Toronto is only an hour and fifteen minutes drive while Buffalo and the Peace Bridge is a 20 minute drive.


Our guests are free to enjoy all the features the property has to offer.  The donkey sanctuary is part of the scenery and always provides a smile and a sense of joy to watch these creatures and their antics. The revenue from the "hoblet" helps with the upkeep and support for these rescues. You may also enjoy a stroll by the woods or do some power walking down the picturesque country lane. We look forward to showing you the entire "experience", truly a centre of Nature's Energy!

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